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Hi! Glad to Be Here!
Hey Everyone! 
I'm really happy to have found this place... but I am a little worried about its stamina. How long has it been running, and is there a development and/or service team to help out with any issues? This is a lot of BTC that could be flying around, and I would like to know it's all safe.

The lottery... is that what the "tickets" are for on ad views? And will there be more lottery draws?

It's an interesting system, one in which you need to make an initial deposit to establish an ROI for withdrawals (and to make your first purchases). I think this could be a perfect addition to a casual crypto-earning regimen. My website is almost live at ThatCrypto.Club, and I recommend things like this that beginners can use to dip their toes in the crypto waters. 

So far, I have things like the Idle, CoinRebates and Hideout.TV... but I think this would fit in nicely.

I also talk too much. 
Thanks for listening! lol
David  Cool
Founder and Chief People-Pleaser
ThatCrypto.Club (a website for crypto beginners)

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