Full Version: #1 Referral Contest Started!
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First referral contest started today!

Duration: 30 Days
Total Prize: 0.419 Bitcoin

Check out the prize table and contest details: #1 Referral Contest

[Image: 9bdd848299865197bfd88c8558fb3184.jpg]

Good luck for all farmers! 
Hi Admin How are you?
When will the referral Prize be paid to the winners of the contest???
It's been almost two days since the contest is over but no prizes have been paid to the winners yet!!!
With respect
(07-14-2019, 09:47 AM)administración Wrote: [ -> ]
¡El primer concurso de referidos comenzó hoy!

Duración:  30 días
Premio total  0.419 Bitcoin

Consulte la tabla de premios y los detalles del concurso:  # 1 Concurso de referencias

[Image: 9bdd848299865197bfd88c8558fb3184.jpg]

¡Buena suerte a todos los agricultores! 
Buenas me gustaria saber cuando van a realizar los pagos del concurso