Full Version: #1 Lottery Started!
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First Lottery started today!

Duration: 30 Days

Check out the prize table and Lottery details: #1 Lottery

[Image: 516549d9016d00faaf0c4864ad6a444c.jpg]

You can buy tickets at Lottery page or you can get free tickets by click advertisements or collect eggs from Lottery Chickens by click red "Collect Your Free Tickets" button at Lottery page!

Good luck for all members!
Hello sir,
Please Show the lottery list details as a referral contest. 

when we'll know who win the lottery ?
na minha pagina nao parece nada nem para comprar e nem para coletar os ovos sempre aparece que terninou poderia me ajudar obrigada!
Good luck all who entered Smile
Please tell me more about this...
Are we going to get results??
where is the admin ?????????????
Getting to the point of removing my Interest in this Earner, No Admin, Update of lottery not done and now having trouble collecting at Farm. Admin Or Super/Someone please send me a PM as to whats happening Please.
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